Chairman's Message

Dear Citizens!

Welcome to Bhavnagar !fondly called 'Bhavena'. The Most Vibrant City of Saurashtra region of Gujarat State.

Our heritage is interwoven with architectural gems like the awe-inspiring Takhteshwar Temple, the resplendent Nilambagh Palace, and the iconic Ganga JaliaTalav, each holding stories of a bygone era waiting to be explored.

For our esteemed visitors, Bhavnagar offers a treasure trove of experiences. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Blackbuck National Park, home to graceful antelopes and a diverse ecosystem. Marvel at the majestic Victoria Park, an oasis of lush greenery and serene lakes perfect for relaxation and picnics.

As we cherish our heritage, we also look forward to a dynamic future through our recent development endeavors. The city's progress is built on pillars of sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation. Our city planners and administrators are dedicated to modernizing infrastructure, enhancing transportation systems, and fostering economic growth for the benefit of all citizens. Furthermore, we are committed to preserving our environment and creating green spaces for a healthier and greener Bhavnagar. New projects like Fly over bridge, KansaraNala rejuvenation projects are already started and going on well.

To our esteemed visitors, I invite you to embrace Bhavnagar's hospitality, explore its rich history, and immerse yourself in the unique experiences our city has to offer.

We, Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation officials are working towards bringing out the best our city to offer, building upon a philosophy of trust and partnership with the citizens, in order to create a city which possesses both ease and vibrancy, fully-equipped to handle the demands of the modern world. The aim of this web site is to provide all citizens opportunity to know BMC and its progress.

I am sure your views, suggestions and opinions will provide us opportunity to be more dynamic.