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Takhteswar Temple

Perched on a hillock in the centre of the town, this is a Shiva temple. A worthy landmark of the city and an icon of the town, it was constructed in 1893 by a king and named after his name Takhtasinhji. Reaching the top of the hill climbing a few dozen easy stairs and sitting on the marble floor of the courtyard atop, one gets a panoramic view of the town and the surrounding landscape. An early morning or evening visit is an enriching experience.

Gandhi Smruti

Gandhi Smruti is a memorial to the Father of the Nation. It conducts various activities. The ground floor houses the Government-run Barton museum consisting chiefly of archaeological remains from the surrounding region. Gandhi museum on the first floor offers a moving photographic journey through the life of Gandhiji.


Gopnath is a secluded seaside spot, an entry point to the Gulf of Khambhat. It has a Shiva temple where the great Gujarati devotional poet Narasimh Mehta sought a deep unison with God about 500 years ago. Nestled in a beautiful rural setting, it affords a pleasant seashore stroll.


Palitana is renowned for the rich architecture of over 800 Jain temples on the nearby Shatrunjaya Hills. Most of these were built during the 14th-15th centuries. A moderately easy climb of 3700 steps takes one to the height of 1800 feet where the shrines are located. It has a spiritual exorbitance.

Khodiyar Temple

Khodiyar Temple Named after the renowned and respected Goddess rendering assistance to the Ex-Rulers of Bhavnagar. The temple has been drawing large number of people from near around villages and towns. The shrine was constructed in 1911. Devotees are found trekking long distance and pay homages and tribute to the deity on special occasion. It is also a tourist centre, having Khodiyar Lake nearby.

Gaurishankar Lake

Gaurishankar Lake, (popularly known as Bortalav) named after a very able 19th century minister of the king, is a reservoir originally planned for water supply to the town. it is also a place deserving an evening visit when one can water a setting sun and enjoy a stroll on the parapet wall of the lake. A popular picnic spot.


Sardarsmruti is a memorial of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who made an enduring contribution to the freedom struggle and consolidation of the Nation. Just opposite Gandhi smruti is this imposing building that houses a modest photographic display of Sardar Patel's life and work. It also conducts some social welfare activities and programmes.